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Captain Arianna Warren

Name Arianna Warren

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human/Betazoid
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 145 lbs
Hair Color Auburn
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Arianna stands at the slightly above average height of five foot eight inches and has a slightly stocky build. Her auburn hair is kept long, though generally pulled up in elaborate braids. She has a V-shaped scar on her left jaw, approximately one inch in size, from an incident where she fell out of a tree as a child. She also has a tattoo of a herd of elephants in single file across her shoulders, with the trunk of the lead elephant wrapped around her left upper arm. Arianna has no other distinguishing marks.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Biological: Dr. Kevin Rathbone (deceased), Adoptive: Ferris Warren
Mother Dr. Morgana Binx (deceased), Adoptive: Chelsea Warren
Brother(s) Joel Warren (45), Rowan Warren (13)
Other Family Tyrna Binx, maternal grandmother (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Arianna is open and friendly. Her welcoming personality, and empathic abilities, would have made for a great career as a diplomat, but she chose to go into Engineering. She loves tinkering with anything mechanical, which leads to her having several unidentifiable items broken down to their original parts laying about her quarters.

She keeps her hair up at all times, usually in stylized braids, hiding its true length, though it is generally kept no longer than hip length. Her frame is slightly stocky, but she is still able to fit into most tight spaces within the ship, to the point of once being called a contortionist.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Friendly, open-minded, empathic, good with her hands, quick thinking.

Weaknesses: Empathic, sometimes rash in decision-making, doesn't like having to 'put her foot down' and demand things of others.
Ambitions Arianna’s greatest ambition is to find ancient technology on a new planet, discover its intended use, and replicate it before modifying it to be more efficient.
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering with mechanical and electrical technology; learning all she can about new engineering practices; creating new programs for the holodeck; secretly loves romance novels and movies; dancing; and singing.

Personal History Arianna was the only child born to Dr. Morgana Binx. Her father was not listed on her birth certificate, though Morgana’s friend, and later Arianna’s uncle through adoption, Dr. Kevin Rathbone insisted that he was deceased. Shortly after she was born, Arianna was sent to live with her grandmother, Tyrna, while Morgana attempted to help discover a cure to an unknown disease ravaging a new colony. She worked tirelessly along side a small team of doctors, both on the colony and off, though their efforts were ultimately in vain. The team of doctors called for an evacuation of the healthy colonists, but no aide came. They were told the entire colony was now quarantined until all traces of the disease were gone. Unfortunately, that would only come after every single person on the planet had perished.

A few months after she turned five, Tyrna, then aged 152, passed suddenly in her sleep, leaving Arianna with no known living family. Upon finding out about Tyrna’s death, Kevin asked if he could adopt the young girl. Though, just before the adoption process was to start, Kevin suffered a major health crisis, and could not devote enough time to raising a child. His sister and brother-in-law, Chelsea and Ferris Warren decided they would take in the young girl. They raised her alongside their biological son, Joel.

Once Kevin received a bionic heart and was given the all clear to return to his former activity, Arianna began spending a lot of time with him. When she was 12, Arianna spent the entire summer with Kevin going from clinic to clinic and learning a lot about the ways of the world. During this time, she also learned a lot about biology and anatomy from her uncle. Though she wasn’t entirely sure of some of his lessons.

Upon returning home, her parents noticed a change in their daughter. Arianna seemed more withdrawn, uncertain, and afraid to talk to them. Through her school, they set up counselling and eventually learned of Uncle Kevin’s “biology lessons”. Ferris confronted his brother-in-law, demanding to know why and eventually banning him from seeing Arianna. Within a month, formal charges were brought against Kevin, but he took his own life before he could be brought before the courts.

In his suicide letter, Kevin revealed that he believed he was Arianna’s father. He didn’t try to excuse his behaviour the summer before, simply stating that he’d been ‘thrown off’ by how much Arianna looked like her mother. A paternity test confirmed his suspicions. Arianna was thoroughly distraught. Not only had she been taken advantage of, but she’d been lied to. Her world was thrown into complete chaos that would take years of counselling to make sense of.

When she was 18, Arianna decided to go against the family farming traditions and applied to Starfleet Academy. She had always loved helping her father repair the farm equipment, so she decided upon Engineering for her career. She was a fine engineer, though a mediocre student. Suddenly being around so many new people, Arianna struggled with her empathic abilities. This chaotic mindset brought back memories Arianna desperately wanted to keep suppressed. By the end of her first year, she was put in contact with a Betazoid counselor, who taught her how control her mind.

Though she worked hard to control her abilities, some strong emotions still overwhelmed the young engineer and she found herself in several complicated romances throughout her years in the academy. One such romance was with her mathematics professor, Bastian Granger, a man 21 years her senior. This romance was kept very well hidden, especially since she was actively his student and he did not want to risk his career. He promised her several times that they would marry after she graduated, though she did not fully believe this to be true. Her belief came true when Bastian ended their relationship two months into her final year.

Just before she graduated she learned that she was going to be a big sister, finally, when her parents decided to adopt another orphaned infant. The boy they took in was orphaned from birth, with no name on record. Chelsea and Ferris decided to name him Rowan. Elated over this news, Arianna went to tell her best friend. She was shocked to find her, and several other students, preparing for a funeral. It was then that she learned Bastian had passed nearly a week before, and since no one knew of their former relationship and she was no longer his student, no one notified Arianna. She also had been elbow deep in ship parts for a project, and therefore hadn’t been keeping up with campus news.

After graduation, Arianna was assigned to the USS Corinthian, where she flourished under the tutelage of her department head, Lieutenant Commander Sean McKent. Within a year, Arianna found herself embroiled in another complicated romance with McKent. Knowing it could have a negative effect on her career, Arianna ended the relationship and requested a transfer.

The next ship she found herself on was the USS Horatio, thankfully with a female department head. Much to her surprise, the Betazoid counselor from her Academy days was also stationed on the Horatio, allowing her to pick up where she left off in terms of controlling her mind and emotions. Her years here brought several strong bonds of friendship and she found herself feeling happy and free from the entrapments of her former experiences. Arianna worked diligently from lowly Ensign to Lieutenant Commander, from Engineering Officer to Chief Engineering Officer, and finally to Executive Officer aboard the USS Magellan. She loved command, despite it taking her away from what she considered to be the best parts of the ship.

When it was almost time for the Magellan to return to the fleet yards for refit, Arianna found herself holding hostage negotiations after a contact mission went awry. Fearing for the lives of Captain Akers and the small security crew of the away team, Arianna put together a peace offering, asking only that she be given proof of the crew’s safety while they negotiated the terms of their release.

Unfortunately, Captain Akers acted upon an escape plan before Arianna could deliver the goods. Infuriated at this apparent act of deception, the Emperor declared all Starfleet officers enemies and demanded they be killed on sight. Realizing the peril Akers had put himself in, Arianna used the Magellan’s runabout to offer cover fire as their smaller shuttle swooped in to collect the four-man team.

Following the successful rescue, Arianna decided while the experience wasn’t the greatest, she did enjoy being the Acting Commanding Officer. She concluded the only thing left for her to do was to apply for a command of her own. By the time the Magellan returned to port, Arianna had already received a response from the Admiralty Board, there was a ship in need of a Commanding Officer awaiting her at the fleet yards, should she still want the position. She jumped at the chance, accepting and excitedly planning her transfer to the USS Astraea.
Service Record 2370 - Enters Starfleet Academy - Engineering
2374 - Graduates Starfleet Academy, Assigned to USS Corinthian, pos: Engineering Officer, rank: Ensign
2375 - Transfer to USS Horatio, pos: Engineering Officer, rank: Ensign
2377 - Promotion to Lieutenant Jr. Grade
2379 - Promotion to Lieutenant
2380 - Promotion to Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
2382 - Promotion to Chief Engineering Officer and Lieutenant Commander
2385 - Transfer to USS Magellan, pos: Executive Officer, rank: Lieutenant Commander
2389 - Transfer to USS Astraea, pos: Commanding Officer, rank: Commander
2389 - Promoted to Captain