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Lieutenant Sayori Summers

Name Sayori Summers

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24 (14 March 2365)

Physical Appearance

Height 5’5”
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Purple
Eye Color Purple (see below)
Physical Description Sayori is a petite young woman. She usually has a smile on her face. She keeps her long hair a vibrant purple colour, and at age 18 underwent a procedure to change her iris colours to purple. She wears her engineer’s ring on the pinky of her right hand with pride.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Jonathan Summers (55, whom she has never met)
Mother Reina Tanaka-Summers (47)
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Mei Tanaka (Aunt, 43)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Sayori is an exuberant young woman who is often happy and full of energy. When she is happy, her joy can be infectious. She’ll take most hardships in stride, usually saying she’s “hard as nails”.

When something does go too far, it can upset her greatly. Her rage has been described as scary, despite her small stature. When truly saddened, she might avoid social encounters for days at a time. Counselors have seen her and do not think she has any sort of manic-depression, but she does know she needs to pay attention to it.
Strengths & Weaknesses +A genius with most technology. She can take apart and put back together circuitry and engine parts with her eyes closed as quickly as a professional Marine does so with his or her weapon (this has been demonstrated).
+Infectiously happy.
+Very fast reader.

-Sadness and anger hit her hard.
-Has a harder time with computer programming. Usually requires help in that regard.
-Does not weightlift, and has to be convinced with great difficulty to engage in most physical activities.
Ambitions Sayori is uncertain about her future ambitions. She wanted to tinker with warp engines aboard starships, and got that opportunity at a young age. She has not given much thought beyond her current assignment. She hopes she will come across something inspiring.
Hobbies & Interests Sayori loves to build models of all types. Her quarters contain model cars, seaships, aircraft, starships, and buildings, made from different materials.

She loves to eat, but cannot cook very well.

She practically devours books, and loves every genre. Any reading recommendation someone gives her, she will try.

She doesn’t enjoy weightlifting exercise, but loves to run, swim, and other cardiovascular activities. At the gym, she runs on the treadmill with a book.

Sayori will try almost any entertaining activity once, just to see if it's something she'd like. So far, she hasn't come across anything she truly dislikes.

Personal History Sayori Summers was born in the city of Toronto on Earh in 2364. Her father, Jonathan, was a doctor who worked at a local hospital. Her mother, Reina, was a civilian mechanic who worked at Earth Spacedock, repairing civilian ships of all sizes.

Sayori never knew her father though. Before he even knew Reina was pregnant, he ran away with his mistress of many years. Reina chose not to tell him of her pregnancy, as she knew he would be resentful for being dragged back into her life. Instead, Reina raised Sayori with the help of her younger sister Mei.

As a youth, Sayori immersed herself in her mother’s world. She took quickly to model building, a hobby she still has, as well as tinkering with technology. It took longer to learn computer programming, but the hardware side of technology became second nature to her. At age 10, as part of a school project, she designed and built in a day a small atmopsheric engine that would have taken Academy students more than a week. This earned the attention of a teacher from the local secondary school, who spoke with Reina about encouraging Sayori to take advanced science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses.

Her aunt introduced her to reading fiction, which cut into her study time but kept her mind engaged as effectively. She learned to read very quickly, and during downtime to this day will have a book or PADD in her hand.

At age 17, because of how she was encouraged by her teachers and family, Sayori got early acceptance into Starfleet Academy. Living alone for the first time, she embraced her independence, dyeing her hair bright purple and, once no longer a minor, permanently changed the colour of her eyes to match her hair. However, she also hit her first low point when a friend of the family passed away. She locked herself in her dorm for days, missing class and risking her career. Counselors did not diagnose any specific condition, but urged her to keep an eye on her feelings.

Throughout her time at the Academy, people saw Sayori as a fun-loving and happy spirit who brightened people’s day, who on occasion needed intense help herself. She was close to the top of many of her classes, but computer programming and any sciences involving living things brought her average down.

In 2385, Sayori graduated from the Academy. Reina and Aunt Mei were both in attendance, clapping the loudest as little Sayori finished her education. Mei gave her her printed copy of her favourite book, Anne of Green Gables, a treasure she still prizes. Little did any of them know that Jonathan Summers was in the crowd as well. He was respectful enough not to try talking to them.

Her first assignment was aboard USS Saturn, an Ambassador-class that operated in the Raeyan sector. She served as an Engineering Officer. Her work impressed her superiors and a few years later, to test her leadership skills, she was made Assistant Chief.

In mid-2389, Sayori Summers was given a promotion to Lieutenant jg and offered the position of Chief Engineering Officer aboard USS Astraea.
Service Record 2381-2382: Engineering Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Freshman Cadet)

2382-2383: Engineering Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Sophomore Cadet)

2383-2384: Engineering Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Junior Cadet)

2384-2385: Engineering Cadet, Starfleet Academy (Senior Cadet)

2385-2388: Engineering Officer, USS Saturn (Ensign)

2388-2389: Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, USS Saturn (Ensign)

2389-present: Chief Engineering Officer, USS Astraea (Lieutenant jg)