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Lieutenant Felan Aixae

Name Felan Aixae Ph.D.

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Bajoran
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Aixae is only about five foot two inches tall and, weighs about one hundred and thirty pounds though her weight tends to fluctuate slightly. She has a scar under her left arm from an injury she received when she was seven years old and was severely burned. Aixae has no other identifying marks other than her family earring that she wears in uniform.


Father Tozan (Deceased)
Mother Jadra
Brother(s) Haedrin

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aixae is a calm, caring person who has a very keen sense of empathy towards those that she is working with. She has her own scars, but rarely uses them as an example when it comes to helping others and, unlike most young officers she has never been ambitious about command. She sees it as her mission in life to help those who need it and give advice to those who ask for it.

Earlier in her life she was bogged down with nightmares from the Cardassian Occupation, but those have long since passed into distant memory. From time to time she will speak about what she witnessed and even the death of her father, but those two areas are weak spots for her. Aixae never joined the resistance though after the death of her father she had wished she would have done so.

Aixae is deathly afraid of Doctors and medical appointments for some strange reason. It's not something she's ever really dealt with and something that she's not entirely certain as to why. Most likely it is a suppressed memory from her youth though she's never made an attempt to find out.

Personal History Aixae was born in 2356 one year after her brother Haedrin who would also join Starfleet when he was old enough to apply to the Academy. The first six years of her young life she lived in a refugee camp before her father started working in the ore processing center aboard Terok Nor. For the remaining seven years she lived aboard the station until the end of the Occupation by Cardassian forces.

Her father was very ill following the withdrawal suffering from damaged lungs caused by working in the ore processing center. One year after the Federation took over management of the station and the family returned to Bajor her father passed away. The family struggled to get by with her brother finding work. When he left to join the Academy her mother decided to move the family to Earth where Aixae would live out the last year of her teenage years.

She, having watched the suffering of her people and father, decided to join Starfleet Academy in order to help others and was accepted when she was eighteen years old. Aixae attended the School of Psychology and graduated in 2382. Her residency was aboard the USS Munson where she was assigned as the Assistant Chief Counselor. Two years into her time aboard the ship she was finally eligible to become Chief Counselor, but opted to remain aboard the ship.

That same year she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and the Munson set off for a deep space exploration assignment. The ship returned six months later after completing two survey missions. As Chief Counselor she helped the crew get through the time of being away from friends and distant relatives through her caring nature. The ship would go on several more survey missions before 2389 when she was finally promoted to Lieutenant. That same year she had requested a transfer and was reassigned to serve as Chief Counselor aboard the USS Astraea.
Service Record 2374 – 2382: Starfleet Academy, Psychology
2382 – 2384: USS Munson, Assistant Chief Counselor, Ensign
2384 – 2389: USS Munson, Chief Counselor, Lieutenant JG
2389 – Present: USS Astraea, Chief Counselor, Lieutenant