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Lieutenant Charles Tylor

Name Charles James Tylor

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 203 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Average man slightly whose slightly heavier than average. He has a warm welcoming smile and a very relaxed easy going demeanor. He has a fair complexion.


Father Louis Tylor
Mother Sandra Franklin-Tylor
Sister(s) Sarah Elizabeth Tylor
Melissa Lee Tylor
Audrey Jean Tylor

Personality & Traits

General Overview Charles, who typically goes by Charlie, tends to be really laid back and easy going. Even when the world is exploding around him, the man seems to have a super human sense of calm. He enjoys lounging around. He is also known to sleep in when ever possible, being a big fan of sleep.
Strengths & Weaknesses Charlie's super human calm comes with a rock steady hand that made him perfect for medicine but his tendency to lounge around and slack off typically gets him in trouble.
Ambitions To retire and move to a planet with a beautiful beach where he can live on an island thats always clear sky and sunny so he can spend his days laying on the beach and sleeping in the sun.
Hobbies & Interests Medicine is not only his job its his passion. He spends days reviewing medical journals and books trying to learn more and more. When not doing that he loves to spend time in the holodeck, almost to the point of an addiction.

Personal History Charlie was born on Rigel 7. Both his parents were wealthy civilians who lived a lavish and luxurious life style. As such, Charlie became spoiled very quickly. Even spoiled, his parents still required him to get a good education.

Charlie was sent to all the best private schools and provided top notch tutors. His parents paid to make sure he got the best education possible despite his lazy and lackadaisical attitude. During his schooling he became enthralled with biology and medicine.

As a teenager he was on the fence about a career in medicine till he met a young Orian girl who was also pursuing a career in medicine. He then focused on becoming a doctor as a way to further his romantic pursuit of the Orian girl. Before long he had become a top notch doctor all as a result of trying to better a romance with an Orian woman.

Once his relationship ended he found himself with a skill but no where to use it. On his way back home he was encouraged to join Star Fleet by a crewman on a Federation ship he was a passenger on. He took the advice and joined the Academy. After a rough time as a cadet Charlie graduated with high marks in medicine and medical science but poor marks in his other classes.
Service Record 2378 - Graduated Star Fleet Academy; Commissioned to the rank of Ensign and assigned USS Anodyne
2381 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2383 - Transferred to USS Layfette as a Medical Officer and surgical specalist
2386 - Transferred to Star Base 12 and promoted to Assistant Chief Medical Officer