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Lieutenant Commander Alyse Batari

Name Alyse Erica Batari

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown, worn pulled back on duty, down when not on duty.
Eye Color Green-gray


Spouse None
Father Commander Vincent Elias Batari - Starfleet Command
Mother Erica Rene Batari (Sayen) - Not in Starfleet, occupation not on record.
Brother(s) First Lieutenant Dylan Vincent Batari - Date of Birth: 11/13/2357 - Age 32 - Starfleet Intelligence

Personality & Traits

General Overview NICKNAME: Lyse (Pronounced like “Lease”)

DATE OF BIRTH: 10/21/2362

PLACE OF BIRTH: London, England, Earth.

LANGUAGES: Federation Standard.

QUIRKS: Doesn’t understand when someone is wanting to help her with something she may not understand, since it had really only been her brother to do that in the past. Might shy away from assistance of others.

DISLIKES: Being talked down to. Being treated like a child. Anyone attempting to ‘parent’ her. Others attempting to take care of her.

REPRIMANDS: No reprimands found on file.
Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS: Ability to think for herself and take care of herself.

WEAKNESSES: Really had no family dynamic growing up, unsure what it is like to be part of a real family.
Hobbies & Interests Stargazing, studying sensor results. Enjoys working out as a stress relief.

Personal History Born in London, England, while her father was on Starfleet assignment there, Alyse Batari knew nothing but Starfleet. Living on location in London for her first three years of life, she developed a slight accent while learning to talk even though no one else in her family has one.

Her mother, although not in Starfleet, never seemed to be around. Her older brother, Dylan, though only just shy of five when she was born, was there to always make sure she was taken care of.

Her father was reassigned to Starfleet Headquarters and the entire family was uprooted, leaving behind everything that Alyse had become accustomed to. As she began to have issues settling in, and both of her parents off doing their own things, she and Dylan found ways to take care of each other. The move was a huge culture shock to Alyse, who’d never been outside London.

School was a challenge, as Alyse was always daydreaming. Although her grades didn’t suffer, she had troubles concentrating and the work took her longer than it normally would have. Her parents would get frustrated with her, thinking she was just going slowly to stay up later. Her brother tried to speak up for her when she was seven, but they wouldn’t listen and did their best to keep the two of them apart for years.

This only made things worse, as Alyse’s grades began to fail and she started to have issues communicating with anyone or showing any emotions. The school finally stepped in, against the wishes of their parents, when she turned ten, and brought both she and her brother into a counselor. It was only then that, after being able to see her brother for more than 5 minutes, did she break down and explain what had been happening, all the while her older brother holding her in a hug, making sure she was alright.

Unfortunately, this did not change the opinions of their parents. The only thing it changed was allowing the siblings to see each other again. With Dylan now being fifteen, he took on even more responsibility at home since their parents would not change their ways. The school counselor and both of their teachers would check up on them to make sure they were doing well. It was very apparent that once Alyse was born, neither of the Batari parents wanted to actually be parents anymore.

Through the next four years, they spoke often about joining Starfleet. It was then that they figured out why Alyse began to daydream as much as she had when younger. She was daydreaming about stars and traveling through them. Dylan took that to heart and, at her thirteenth birthday, bought her a telescope and a stack of books for her to study. This not only helped her be able to focus better because she no longer had to daydream, but allowed her to know exactly what it was that she wanted to do in Starfleet.

Although Dylan held off on many of his ambitions for quite some time, Alyse finally felt confident in herself told him to go and fulfill his dreams and join Starfleet. He’d taught her enough about how to take care of herself and not let herself fall apart again that she could handle it.

Neither parent seemed to even care what was happening, and had all but disowned both Dylan and Alyse. But by this point, it didn’t matter to them. Before leaving for the Academy, Dylan got his sister a small place of her own even though she was only fifteen and made sure that if anything were to happen, he would be able to be reached. Alyse took care of herself and broadened her horizons over the next three years.

It was an understatement that her confidence was there by the time she was able to apply for the Academy. The only thing that she hadn’t had to deal with was finding someone that she liked.

Alyse was quickly accepted into Starfleet Academy in their science division, all of the studying she’d done with the information she’d been given by her brother and what she’d found herself helped. If she’d stayed on the path her parents had been putting her through, she’d likely not have even been accepted to begin with.

The Academy flew by, Alyse spending a lot of time in the sensor labs at the suggestion of her instructors. Although she did tend to keep to herself, she made friends for the first time in her life. She managed to have the same roommate throughout the Academy, which allowed for that bond to form. She also was able to see her brother again, who had followed his dream and was accepted into Starfleet Intelligence. Although in Starfleet, neither of them were ever sought out by their father again.

Unfortunately, after Dylan graduated the Academy, he was sent off on a classified mission and Alyse had no way to contact him. With two years of the Academy left, she was truly fending for herself for the first time. However, she was able to not only get through her last two years, but excel to the top third of her graduating class.

Specializing in in-depth sensor analysis and stellar cartography, with an interest in Cosmology, Alyse immediately had an interesting in being assigned to a starship. However, at the recommendation of her Starfleet counselor, she was assigned to starbase life in order to become accustomed to life with the same group of people while away from home and from the familiar.

She was disappointed, but took it as an opportunity to prove not only to them, but to herself, that she was ready for this.

Alyse soon found herself on Utopia Planitia, and quickly fell into the roll of a Starfleet science officer, staying mostly in the sensor array area, but often being assigned to stellar cartography to help go over the sensor information coming in from the probes in the area.

With her work, she had access to things she’d never been able to work with before. With permission from the station’s commander after being on board for a year, she was able to increase the range of the long-range probes. The success of the upgrades earned her a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

After the promotion, Alyse found a new sense of self. She requested a transfer to a station further out in order to explore more than just the area she’d been in for a few years.

Seeing the success of the probes from Utopia Planitia, the station commander on Starbase 42 allowed her more access to stellar cartography. With this, she worked on creating a sensor program that would allow more in depth analysis of some of the nearby nebulas. Integrating it into the station’s sensor systems, although they could not travel towards a nebula, it started to give more understanding of what could possibly be inside with new scans of the nebula borders.

Yet again, the success was enough to help push Alyse’s career further, and she was promoted to full Lieutenant. At the request of Starfleet Command, after hearing of the promotions and the work she’d done, Alyse was given another chance to prove what her mindset was by a counselor.

The limitations on being assigned to a ship were lifted and Starbase 42’s command staff granted her the ability to apply to be move to a ship. After a few months, her request was picked up by the the Astraea, where she was given the Chief Science Officer position, must to her own surprise.

- Pre-Starfleet schooling (elementary and high school) split between London and San Francisco
- Starfleet Academy Science Graduate.

2380 - Accepted to Starfleet Academy Science Division.
2384 - Graduated top third in her class from Starfleet Academy, specializing in in-depth sensor analysis and stellar cartography, with studies in Cosmology.
2385 - Assigned to Utopia Planetia science department
2387 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, requested transfer to Starbase 42, transfer approved.
2389 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2389 - Requested transfer to a ship after re-evaluation by Starfleet Counselors.
2389 - Transfer granted to USS Astraea, Chief Science Officer.


- Alyse suffered mental abuse from her parents for her entire childhood. Neither parent was around enough to actually act as a parent, and she was taken care of by her brother, who is just under 5 years older than she is.

- Message from Elementary School Counselor: Alyse Batari was kept from her older brother, Dylan, for three years, even though they lived in the same house. She had bottled herself away, her grades were slipping, and she would barely speak a word. I ordered a mandatory counseling session for the whole family, but only Dylan and Alyse showed up. It was only then that the situation at home was revealed, and the lack of parental support was understood. It is apparent how close the two Batari children are, and the separation only made the lack of parental support worse. Unfortunately, against my recommendation, the only change at home was that the children were allowed to be around each other again.

- Message from Starfleet Counselor 2384: Alyse, although growing up without any proper parenting, has thrived beyond any of our original predictions. She is able to face her fears head on, but does not seem to understand any sense of a family dynamic. She was able to find friendships and could be seen around Academy’s campus, fitting in with the crowd. We are worried about how she will fit into a ship dynamic, and therefore are recommending either a starbase assignment or remaining on Earth until we are able to re-evaluate.

- Message from Starfleet Counselor 2389: After re-evaluation of Alyse Batari, we have concluded that she would fit in very well with a ship environment. We have removed all limitations from her file.

- No major physical injuries on file.