M6 - Can we fix them?

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The wormhole that brought the Astraea to the Plasarium has closed. The ship and her crew are now stranded in uncharted territory. Taking the opportunity to explore, they happen across a stranded and badly damaged ship. Can the crew fix the ship? Is everything as simple as it seems?

Celestial Times

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Where all Ticker Tape and news publication posts live.

M4.5 - Shoreleave

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M5 - A Life for a Life

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Following the realization that a Space Entity was controlling the ship, it was learned that it had impregnated Captain Warren. Unfortunately, that pregnancy is slowly killing Warren.

To save her, the crew must trust the Space Entity, after it messed with their minds and lives, to get them to its people. There they must convince the Space Entities to spare their Captain.

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M0 - You Are Here

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This is a mission to get your characters to Providence Fleet Yards and settled in on Astraea before we head off to explore the unknown!

Part of Sovereignty of Kahless

M1 - A Strange Discovery

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The USS Astraea is sent on a patrol of the newly expanded Sovereignty of Kahless border as a show of Federation presence. At the same time, she is tasked with gathering intel on the recently defected House of Mo’Kai. During their investigation, the crew stumbles upon a small gathering of Klingon ships in neutral territory. Upon their arrival to the scene, Astraea receives a badly scrambled transmission from one of the ships.

Part of Sovereignty of Kahless

M2 - Needle in a Haystack

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Astraea’s intelligence team manages to unscramble the transmission to find a shocking message. One of the Klingon ships holds a high ranking official willing to defect. Only one problem, there is no indication of which ship the official is hiding in. Commander Warren, after discussion with her senior staff, decides to send in a security team, with guidance from the intelligence team, to root out the official and gather more intel from the Klingon ships.

Part of Sovereignty of Kahless

M3 - The Back Alley

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After rescuing Ambassador J'apow, he states he will only talk if he can be given proof of his safety. Commander Warren decides to send him to Faltan Station. Once everything is in place, the Ambassador divulges several secrets, some already known to Starfleet, but one shocking admission. A facility previously thought to be a mining operation is hiding some serious firepower.

Before Commander Warren can contact Starfleet for a plan of action, a Starfleet ship drops out of warp nearby and accuses her of stealing classified intel to sell. As she is attempting to negotiate, Astraea starts moving away as though it has a mind of its own.

Now classified as rogue, Commander Warren must find out what is happening with her ship, stop the sale of classified intel to SoK operatives, and take down the weapons facility.

Part of Sovereignty of Kahless

M4 - A Time to Remember

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This mission will encompass the return to Faltan Station after destroying the SoK weapons facility and the shoreleave that follows.

Part of Sovereignty of Kahless