M6 - Can we fix them?

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Mission Info

Status Current Mission

The wormhole that brought the Astraea to the Plasarium has closed. The ship and her crew are now stranded in uncharted territory. Taking the opportunity to explore, they happen across a stranded and badly damaged ship. Can the crew fix the ship? Is everything as simple as it seems?

Start Date Wed Dec 31st, 1969 @ 8:00pm

Mission Summary

After learning that the wormhole they used to get to the Plasarium’s area of space has closed, and that it is unknown when it would open again in that area, the USS Astraea drops a probe to monitor for changes and heads off to explore some of this new, undiscovered region of space.

Days pass uneventfully before something pings on the long-range communications. At first, the missive is indecipherable. The universal translators struggle to come up with any sort of coherent message. Finally, though, the Astraea’s team of intelligence officers and language specialists unravel the mystery language and learn the nature of the communique.

“To whomever can hear this. We. Need. HELP! long pause where a grinding noise, popping, and a small explosion can be heard Our engines are shot… literally… we’re sitting ducks. Please! We beg of you! Provide assistance! We cannot repair our ship ourselves.”

Acting Captain Alyse Batari orders the USS Astraea to find and help this stranded ship. Meanwhile Captain Arianna Warren, bored with her forced leave, tries to convince the Chief Medical Officer to clear her for duty again.