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Is this a fairytale?

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 12:34pm by Captain Arianna Warren

Mission: M5 - A Life for a Life
Location: Unknown

Ari’s eyes fluttered open, blinking at the bright light above her. Where was she? This place was strange and yet familiar at the same time. It didn’t look like the medical bay of the USS Astraea, but yet it looked like a medical bay. There were people around, but Ari couldn’t see their faces. They were mostly shadows and light, yet she did not feel fear.

As she slowly sat up, some of the figures turned toward her. They didn’t move closer nor try to stop her. Ari knew she’d been dying, that her body was failing. Was she dead? Was this the afterlife? When she stood up, her body felt strong and healthy. She looked down and saw her belly was still swollen with child, though much larger than she’d remembered it being. How far along was she now? Had they reached the Entity’s people? Had they saved her?

The figures surely looked like the Entity. They were vaguely humanoid shaped but seemed to be made of swirling liquid. None moved to stop her as she started walking toward them. They parted and let her pass soundlessly. Feeling drawn toward a particular place, Ari continued moving forward. Eventually, she reached a door. It slid open as she approached, revealing a beautiful planet full of lush flora in colours she’d never seen before, nor would she be able to describe.

When she stepped through the doors, another figure appeared in the distance. This one was larger than the rest and shone with a radiant light. Ari took a step forward and heard the doors slide closed behind her. She turned to look, but there was nothing there. Just a field of oddly beautiful flowers.

“Come, child, I will show you the way,” a voice called to her. It sounded like it was formed by the wind moving through the trees. And yet no branches swayed, nothing moved.

“Show me the way where?” Ari said, looking back toward the radiant figure. No answer came, but Ari could feel the expectation of the entity before her. It wanted her to walk toward it, to follow it. Hesitating for a moment, Ari could feel something tugging at her, trying to pull her in the direction the entity wanted her to go.

“Don’t be afraid, my child,” the voice said.

Stepping forward, Ari wondered why it had said that. Fear was definitely not something she was feeling in this moment. Confusion, worry, and longing, yes, but not fear. As she walked toward the entity, it always seemed to stay the same distance ahead of her. Even when she picked up her pace. Feeling tired, she slowed to a casual walk again and picked her way down the path that had appeared before her. She was now walking through the forest along a cobblestone path. It seemed to stretch forever, and yet Ari knew it would end in a specific place.

“Where am I?” She asked. No answer came to her. A peaceful silence was all she heard. Somewhere in the distance a bird called, and another answered. Insects clicked and buzzed, though Ari could see no sign of any life aside from the radiant being ahead of her. “Is this real? Am I in a fairytale?”

Again, only the sounds of nature were her answer. She continued walking the path, wondering how long it would be before she reached the destination. The only time she felt tired was if she walked faster than the entity had wanted her to. If she stayed at a casual pace, she believed she could maintain it forever. Which was good, because that’s how long it felt like this walk would take.

“Keep walking, child, you will get there,” the voice said softly. “Your friends will save you, trust in them, trust in us.”


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