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Down the rabbit hole

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 12:51pm by Captain Arianna Warren

Mission: M5 - A Life for a Life

It was time. They had arrived at the wormhole slightly earlier than expected. Was the crew of the Astraea ready to face the unknown?

While they had known this was part of their journey, they weren’t told what to expect on the other side of the wormhole. Nor did they know where it would take them. Would they be able to travel back through it once their Captain had been saved? Would they find friendly faces on the other side? Help?

These were questions that could only be answered by taking the leap. Daring to do what they knew must be done to save Captain Warren. And yet, there was some hesitation, especially in the hearts of the younger crew. Many of them had only just come aboard. Only just left their families behind. Could they survive being disconnected from those they loved?

As the aperture of the wormhole opened before them, the crew held its collective breath. Steadily, the pilot steered them into the opening with a silent prayer that was echoed in the minds of the others. ‘Please let us arrive safely. Please let us be able to get home!’

In a moment they were pulled into the vortex. It seemed to stretch on forever. The ship vibrated beneath their feet but maintained a stable trajectory. In a matter of moments, they were spat out on the other side. Surrounded by strange new stars and planets. Behind them, the wormhole disappeared. All they had now was a set of coordinates and a hope that it would lead them to the Entity’s people.


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