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TBD: Ship Team

Posted on Sun Feb 28th, 2021 @ 9:37am by Lieutenant Commander Alyse Batari & Lieutenant Sayori Summers & Lieutenant Felan Aixae Ph.D. & Petty Officer 2nd Class Ael Liorae

Mission: M5 - A Life for a Life
Location: USS Astraea, Various

Alyse has left herself on board the ship for the same reason she kept Ael on board: their pregnancies. Not that she wasn't curious about what was going on down on the surface, but she wanted them to be safe. She trusted those she'd sent on the away team.

She also trusted those that were on the ship with her. She'd moved Aixae to science, Sayori had her work cut out for her with engineering, and Ael would be able to jump in wherever she was needed.

"Did they get down there okay," she finally asked out loud.

"Affirmative," Sayori said from the Engineering station on the bridge. The ship was still undergoing maintenance, but the chief engineer felt comfortable supervising up here today, knowing she could help the landing party remotely. "The away team has rematerialized a little under two kilometres from the large concentration of familiar lifesigns that Science identified."

Nodding to Sayori, Alyse adjusted in her seat. This whole unknown about what was going to happen she didn't like. But also, she wasn't going to let this crew lose Ari, their captain.

"Aixae, let me know if at any point they vanish from sensors, please?"

Aixae stared at her console, "I'll see what I can do sir," She responded and began making minor adjustments to her console. "Lieutenant Summers if you could increase the power to the sensor bandwidth it may make them more sensitive and therefore prevent widening blind spots."

Alyse gave a small smile. Aixae knew what she was doing at science, that was for sure. "Good thinking, Aixae. Being out here in all this unknown, can't afford the blind spots." She glanced to Sayori, "If we can spare the power after that trip that is. But I'm guessing we can?"

"It should be fine," Sayori affirmed. "I'll just need to divert power away from a few nonessential areas." She worked away on her console and then smiled back to the rest of the bridge crew. "There you go. Power is freed up in Grid Gamma. Ael, you're free to divert it where it needs to go."

The tension was quite high on the bridge and it made Ael narrow her eyes a bit, people were on edge because of this whole ordeal. It was making her pregnancy stress not easier, she sighs a bit and noticed the latest reports coming in "Ships repairs are on course, I can give some boost towards the sensors if desired"

It was making a difference for Aixae as she watched the readouts indicate stronger integrity for the sensor system. "That should do it," She said. The ship would still have a sensor shadow, but it was now significantly smaller than what it had been before.

"Thank you Aixae and Sayori. I don't want any issues, not with everything going on." Alyse sat back a little. She really did wish she was down there figuring out what was going on, but knew it was safer up here for the time being.

Work done for the most part, Sayori caught herself staring at the planet on the viewscreen. “I wonder what it’s like down there,” she mused. “We’re the first people out this far in this direction.” She grinned widely, lavender eyes twinkling. “It’s a whole new world. A new fantastic place to view.”

Glancing over to Sayori, Alyse grinned a little. "The scientist in me is enjoying that part. Hell, even the now command in me is. New places to explore."

"That's the job, Commander," Sayori replied before returning to her instruments.

The bridge crew kept their eyes on sensor readings from orbit, each focussing their attention on different things as they worked, occasionally checking other ship systems as various and sundry reports came to them. They watched their monitors as

It was Sayori's turn to monitor the lifeform scanners at Science II when something curious happened. "Commander? I'm getting something. It's...." She checked and re-checked the data feeds to ensure she was understanding it correctly and when she was, she started to smile. "I'm getting a new lifesign, Commander. Humanoid and very small."

Smiling over at Sayori, Alyse sat back. "Once we get the word, beam them all up to sickbay. Sounds like things went well down there."


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