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What's this?

Posted on Sat Jun 12th, 2021 @ 8:16pm by Captain Arianna Warren & Lieutenant Commander Alyse Batari & Lieutenant Sayori Summers & Lieutenant Felan Aixae Ph.D. & Lieutenant Charles Tylor & Lieutenant JG Jeananne Sandberg

Mission: M6 - Can we fix them?
Location: Bridge/Various

They had been trudging along for several days, looking for something new and exciting to explore. Though, the stellar cartography team was excitedly pouring through the new data, everyone else on the crew was bored with this simple charting mission. Or their lack of work, in Captain Warren's case. But that would all change with a simple blip on the communication's panel. A distress signal along with an audio only message. Unfortunately, it's in a language they have never encountered before. And the missive is so badly damaged the universal translator struggles to decipher the message.

After hours of deciphering, the message is finally revealed. The ensign assigned to communications taped a few buttons on their panel. "Ma'am, the message is deciphered. Would you like me to play it?"

Alyse had actually enjoyed keeping her science hat on a tiny bit and had been looking over the work stellar cartography had been doing. The fact that they'd picked up a distress call though had caught her off guard, and she'd been waiting for that report from the comms ensign. "Play it."

The audio recording started up. There was a long pause at the beginning, static and small pops could be heard. Then a voice. “To whomever can hear this. We. Need. HELP! long pause where a grinding noise, popping, and a small explosion can be heard Our engines are shot… literally… we’re sitting ducks. Please! We beg of you! Provide assistance! We cannot repair our ship ourselves.”

Sayori, at the engineering station, held her hands over her mouth in astonishment as she heard the distress call. She recognized a lot of the sounds being made and it broke her heart that the ship and crew were suffering so.

Sitting at the tactical station, Jeannie's attention immediately sparked high when she heard the scrambled voice begging for help and the loud explosions in the background. The past few weeks have been extremely boring, and the Lieutenant was literally starving for some action. She'd already done all the available workout routins on the holodeck and tried out every food available in her recipe book. Let's get there immediately and offer them help, she thought, but knew of course that the decision is for the temporarily commanding officer to be made. "Commander?" she glanced at Alyse with an eager look.

Aixae was sitting at the science station when the audio cut in and the Bajoran woman, who'd recently been made the Chief of Science in the stead of the Exec that had vacated the post, raised her brow. She said nothing as she too turned to look at the Commander.

"Hell..." Alyse looked towards the one at helm control. "Get us there, warp 7."

"Aye Commander," came the response from helm. "Course plotted in for coordinates, moving to Warp 7."

“Some of those popping sounds were environmental seals collapsing,” Sayori said. “It isn’t just their engines failing. Life support is as well. I can’t properly assess damage without a good scan and ideally going over, but I’m sure we can do something for them.”

"My thoughts too," Alyse said softly. "Let's hope we're in time."

"I'm making some adjustments to the long range sensors Lieutenant stand by," Aixae said to Sayori. The adjustments were made relatively quickly, "Try it now?"

“Better, thank you,” answered Sayori. “I’m reading fluctuations in their power core. I believe the power spikes have short-circuited large portions of their grid and damaged other systems, life support included. I’ll need more time to look over the data, especially since it’s an unfamiliar ship, but at a glance this is something we can help with.”

"Thank you, Aixae," Alyse stated, looking over, "Can you coax any more power from the engines, Sayori? We have to get there before we can't help anymore."

“I’m sure I can,” Sayori replied, standing upright from her console. “Leave it to me! I’ll be in the engine room. While I’m there, I’ll have the machine shops get to work on tools and parts for the repairs.” She sauntered to the turbolift and waved goodbye as the doors closed.

"Thank yo..." Sayori was gone before Alyse could answer. "Keep an eye on the long range sensors, Aixae. We need as much information as possible."

An hour later the damaged ship came up on the short range sensors. It was heavily damaged, looking as though it had been through a battle. Before Astraea could hail the other ship, a communication came through.

Aixae immediately began using the sensors to scan the vessel in front of them. The preliminary results were rather quick, but before she could say anything the communications system ignited with activity.

"Unknown ship, identify yourself!" A man's voice, the one that had made the distress call, said. He sounded tired and cranky, like he'd been awake for far too long. "I repeat, identify yourself."

Alyse looked to the others. "Slow us down, and open a channel."

The person at the helm acknowledged the orders and their speed dropped, safely, to a measly Warp 2. "Channel open, Commander."

"Unidentified vessel, this is Commander Batari of the USS Astraea. We're answering your distress call."

"USS Astraea? I've never heard of you, or your designation before. This is Captain Handel of the UKS Soverign. Are you friend or foe?" The man's voice perked slightly, but aside from a slight hint of curiosity, he sounded much the same as before.

"We aren't from around here. But we are here to help, Captain, if you'd allow us to do so."

"Well, I did ask for help," Handel said with a hint of sarcasm. "We are a scout ship, we were attacked while on patrol. But since you say you're not from around here, you're not going to understand much more of what I would say." He paused and there was a small bang heard in the background, then someone else speaking in an unknown language that the Universal Translator was not able to parse.

"J'hungai please," Handel said softly to whomever was there with him. "Not now." The latter was said with force. "Sorry Commander. One of my crew was trying to give me a status update. Look, your sensors can probably pick up the damage to our ship. Most of my crew is dead or dying. I appreciate anything you can do for us. Even if it's to give us all a quick death."

"We're ready to assist in any way possible. We can get transporter locks and get your most injured to our sickbay. We might need a little medical data if available so we can properly treat them. And then we can assist in trying to secure your ship." Alyse rubbed her forehead, "We have no intention on letting you die if at all possible."

She looked towards helm. "Get us in transporter range." =^= Bridge to sickbay, prepare for wounded from the other ship. =^=

Handel let out a sigh of relief. "Words cannot express how thankful I am to you, Commander. I will alert my crew and see if I can access our medical files. I am uncertain if our doctor is still alive or not..." The comm went dead in the middle of Handel's last word.

"Someone get them back if possible," Alyse stated to whoever wanted to try. =^= Rescue and repair teams, be ready once we're in transporter range! =^=

"Working on it Commander," the Ensign at the communications station called over their shoulder. "It appears their systems are offline... reading life support as the only working system. I cannot get them back."

Charlie grabbed a med kit and rushed out of sickbay towards the transporter room, "This is Tyler, medical is read for any emergency."

Aixae quietly spoke, "Commander, there are multiple hull breaches and it appears that an entire deck collapsed in on another one. The radiation is distorting our sensors and preventing us from determining how many life signs there are. I'm attempting to clear it up," She said. "Lieutenant Summers I could use some help with that."

"I was hoping we wouldn't be fighting hull breaches." Alyse said as she stood up, looking over at Aixae. "Watch their life support best you can."

"Yes Commander," Aixae answered.

Sayori was back on the bridge at this point and monitoring the other ship as well as their own power readings. She helped improve sensor resolution and then returned her eye to their new friends. “I’ve calibrated and over-powered the lateral and tactical sensors. Try it now. It’s the best you’ll get.”

She then turned to Alyse. “I can stabilize their life support on the unbreached decks easily but I have to be over there. They don’t seem to have forcefields online but we can bring some portable generators with us to let us fix the hull.”

"That's better," Aixae said. "Give me a moment," Aixae rescanned the other ship, "I'm detecting multiple life signs now scattered throughout the ship. Some are quite faint though... In fact most of them are quite faint. Commander I recommend sending an away team."

"Lets have one on standby, including you and Sayori," Alyse said, hoping Sayori heard the conversation over comms with Aixae. "Otherwise, we'll have to find a way to evac them."

“My team has been bringing tools and spare parts into Transporter Room One,” Sayori advised the bridge team. “We’ll be ready when you give the order to beam over.”

Alyse nodded to Sayori, "Get yourself to the transporter room, Sayori."

Aixae raised a brow, "Shouldn't we bring Lieutenant Sandberg along too?" She asked.

On her way to the turbolift, she turned back toward the bridge. “I kind of assumed I wouldn’t be going in without security,” she joked. “Come on, Jeannie. We’ll stop at the armoury along the way.”

Alyse glanced over to Jeannie, frowning. "Unknown ship, sending team. Oh yes, we for sure need security. Remember: we're there to help them but if they turn hostile, you know your job. Avoid casualties if possible though, but if you have to fight your way out, do it."

"Oh, I was not sure if you're gonna ask me..." the Lieutenant replied with slight sarcasm in her voice. She was quite ready to beam over to what might be the middle of danger, meaning action and excitement. She was waiting impatiently for the word. "Yes, sir. Understood. I'll make sure everyone gets out of there safe." she said firmly, and followed Sayori and Aixae to the turbolift. "Don't worry. I'll keep your butts safe." she said to Sayori with a friendly grin on a low voice.

"Good," Aixae said, "During weapons training at the Academy the instructors used to joke about how safe the target was.. And, made several ancient Earth pop cultures about something called Stormtroopers from an old movie Wars of the Star or something like that."

“I don’t think that’s what it’s called,” Sayori said with a giggle as the turbolift door closed.


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