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A very warping experience

Posted on Fri Oct 23rd, 2020 @ 9:40am by Lieutenant Sayori Summers & Lieutenant Commander Alyse Batari & Lieutenant JG Jeananne Sandberg & Space Entity

Mission: M5 - A Life for a Life
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: 2389 152 at 1510

Alyse had barely had any time to sit since Ari had collapsed. Between taking command, hearing that they needed to go faster to save the captain, and all the other things that were just day to day command duties, she was completely exhausted.

But when the call came to go down to main engineering, she knew she had to do so. However, she did wonder what they wanted her there for. She glanced around for anyone who could tell her what she was there to hear.

Jeananne walked in, still disturbed by the entity's plan. She was concerned about the safety of the ship, but knew they must risk this if there's a chance it might save the Captain. "Commander." she addressed Alyse. "The Entity has told me that it... it might know a way to speed us up so we could save the Captain."

Raising an eyebrow, Alyse nodded to Jeananne, "Anything will help at this point. We need something to get us there. The captain is stable but...can't say for how long."

"He... it... wants to get to our warp core." the Lieutenant said. "I can't point out enough the enormous security risk." she added. "But if you give the permission to go ahead, I arrange for a security detail to get the Entity to engineering."

"Was there any explanation of what they would do to the warp core?" This instantly put Alyse on edge. She wanted the help but this was not what she expected to hear.

"The entity said it can somehow put his own energy into the warp core and speed us up." Jeannie explained. "It was trying to convince me that its intentions are good." she sighed. "But I'm still skeptical about all this. After what you and the others have been through."

Alyse nodded, "You're right to be skeptical. I am too. From an engineering perspective, can the ship handle speeds higher than our warp drive can put out?" She said, finally looking at Sayori, who hadn't said a word.

Sayori had been listening intently. She had a lot on her mind already, with word of the Captain’s collapse and various mechanical and interpersonal issues in her department. When Jeannie mentioned the Entity wanting to access her engine, her first reaction was one of skepticism and protectiveness. But she considered it further as the Security Chief and XO talked.

It also rapidly became a technical puzzle, which needed resolution.

“The ship should be able to handle it,” she noted. “We’ll need to reroute battery power into the structural integrity field, but that’s easy enough. Starfleet vessels have gone much faster than their engines were rated for before. Recommend reading the 2364 incident report on Dr. Kosinski and the being called The Traveler.”

The engineer pondered the problem further. “The dilithium crystal chamber should contain the Entity and let him connect to the nacelles and the navigational deflector. Connecting to both will be critical for doing this properly. But here’s the downside. If things go wrong, all I’ll be able to do is eject the core. I won’t be able to remove the Entity if it doesn’t want to go, and I probably won’t have time to if problems arise.”

Jeannie listened to the chief engineer's words. Kosin... who? I need to read up on Starfleet history, she reminded herself. "My main concern is not the engineering perspective." she spoke up. "What if the Entity is trying to trick us into giving it access to our warp core and our ship, so it could harm or destroy us?"

Alyse pinched the bridge of her nose. "Right now, I don't think we have a choice. We don't get there much quicker than we currently are scheduled to...the captain won't make it. I want security down there the whole time, and an open comline to the bridge."

"Yes, sir." the Lieutenant nodded firmly. "I'll order a security detachment to watch the Thingy every second." She was still worried and suspicious of the Entity, but she knew Alyse chose wisely. There is no other chance to save the Captain's life. They have to trust this evil little blob. At least, for now. "Ein som'chin al ha'nes." she said wryly to herself in Hebrew. "One must not rely on miracles happening."

"Let's do this. We need to get there now before it is too late. Sayori, do all you can to get this thing going."

“We’ll get it done!” Sayori nodded to both Alyse and Jeannie, and then turned to face the warp core. She whistled with her fingers and gestured for all staff present to approach for a quick conference.

The Entity would probably need to be brought from Science Lab 2 to Main Engineering via a standard specimen containment pod. Roughly one meter cubed. Transparent aluminum sides, with duranium edging for stability. The top and bottom were also duranium, the bottom having some simple environmental controls for the interior, and the top containing a hatch. It wouldn’t take long to machine an adaptor to plug the top port into the hatch of the dilithium crystal chamber.

The Chief Engineer’s smile only ever relaxed when she became hyper focussed on a problem. Her team recognized her serious expression for what it was and were ready to get to work.

“Alright, everyone,” she called out. “We’re doing something a little crazy, but it’s the best chance we have to save the Captain’s life. We’re giving a space entity access to the warp core through the crystal chamber. Jacobsen, Zakwe, get to Engineering Support Lab One. We’re plugging a specimen pod into the chamber, make it happen. Sinai, I need computer overrides. The system will think we’re doing something very unsafe and will try to shut us down. Only one person gets to shut it down and that’s me. Van Straaten, Hathrel, I want you on warp core ejection. I want one button to fully disconnect the core from everything, and another for launch. Speed up the process if you can. Every second will count. Everyone else: structural integrity. Reinforce the hull and work with Ops to put battery power into the SIF. We’re breaking speed records for ships not named Enterprise. Good? Good. Let’s go! Free holodeck time for everyone after this is over!”

She turned to Jeannie. “I’ll need for your people to not be underfoot. I understand that they need to watch this thing, but I can’t have my engineers bumping into them. Also, if things go wrong, anyone with training in first aid would be useful.”

"Right. Right." the security chief replied with a sarcastic grin. "We'll be like flies on the wall." she shrugged. People expect us to save their arse when the situation arises, but they don't want to bump into us. "I'll contact sickbay and have them send down a medic. A fly on the wall with medical knowledge, I mean." she grinned.

Sayori faced the XO — Acting Captain, with the Captain unconscious — and gave her a confident smile. “Five hours, Commander. Maybe four, but that’s pushing it.”

"As quick as you can, but I understand this is quite the undertaking. But it looks like you've got everything sorted. Need anything, I'll be on the bridge." Alyse looked at everyone running around and gave a tired smile to Jeannie and Sayori before heading out of engineering so she wasn't underfoot herself.

As the engineers set to work and Alyse left for the bridge, Sayori looked to a pair of junior crewmen who had not yet been assigned to teams. “You have the most important jobs of all,” she said. She walked them to a space on the wall containing no panels or consoles, but instead held one critical piece of infrastructure. “The precious coffee maker. Crewman Jeffries, Crewman Huard. Keep the coffee pot full. I’m going to be actively draining it, so your task will be challenging. But I have confidence in you.” She poured herself a cup and got to work preparing the dilithium crystal chamber to receive its guest.


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