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Jump in the line, rock your body in time...

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 11:39am by Captain Arianna Warren & Space Entity & Lieutenant Commander Alyse Batari & Lieutenant Sayori Summers & Lieutenant Felan Aixae Ph.D. & Lieutenant Charles Tylor & Lieutenant JG Jeananne Sandberg & Lieutenant Marna Rhosyn & Ensign Kelia Linh

Mission: M5 - A Life for a Life
Location: USS Astraea, Various
Timeline: 2389 153 at 0510

Day 152 @ 2105

If the Entity could smile, it would be smiling as it was released from its confines and given access to the core. 'That was easier than I thought it would be,' the Entity thought as it smoothly wrapped itself around the core and began 'connecting' itself to the strange engine.

'My life for yours, my energy to yours, be well, my child, make your mother proud!' The final thought of the Entity echoed in the minds of everyone within Main Engineering as the ship suddenly lurched forward, nearly doubling its current speed, and still speeding up. At this pace it would take hours to reach their destination in a matter of hours.

Day 153 @ 0510

Main Bridge

When the ship finally slowed to its normal speeds, it had traveled nearly the full distance to the coordinates the Entity had given for the wormhole that would take them to his people's planet. Another three or four hours of travel and they should be within range of the wormhole. However, the speed boost had caused some overloads, some minor injuries as the speed picked up faster than any had anticipated.

For those on the bridge, they'd been prepared for the speed, but that didn't stop consoles from going dark. Nor some minor burns from conduits overloading and sparking.

Ensign Janeckova was handling the tactical station on the bridge. She felt nervous when Lieutenant Sandberg ordered her to this post, as she felt inexperienced, but she tried to do the best she could. When the ship entered the wormhole, and consoles went down, conduits began sparking and some people tumbled around the bridge, she felt even more nervous. She looked at the tactical readout when it came back to life. Luckily, it displayed everything okay.

"No damage to the ship, sir." she spoke up. "Shields, tactical systems, everything functioning normally."

Whatever was going on down in engineering, Alyse wasn't sure of all the science behind it, even after trying to understand it. However, she was just glad that they were still in one piece. "Let's just hope it all stays that way."

"You should hope so, Commander," Lieutenant Rhosyn stated from science, trying to just keep the computer recording everything, as sensors on a whole were not really going to tell them anything.

Aixae had taken up her place near the acting Captain because despite her decision to be switching to the science department she was still the counselor on board. "The crew are worried," She muttered under her breath. Nobody blamed them, "That's my latest report." Aixae knew it was short, but it was better than nothing.

Alyse nodded to Aixae, "Doesn't surprise me in the least," she said softly back, having heard the muttering. "Wish we could do something to ease their minds, but that would mean easing our own first." She looked to the counselor. "Go on and help Rhosyn at science. We might need two sets of eyes over there, and it'll get you used to the layout at science."

Main Engineering

As the ship dropped back to normal speeds, it was clear there was nothing left of the Entity. Not only had it used all of its energy, but it had burned up in the core. A pungent smell hung in the air, burning something mixed with the scent of overloaded circuits, burning consoles, and the sulfuric scent of matches?

Jeannie and two of her best security people were keeping guard on the entity, while it performed its 'magic' on the warp core. They were all equipped with phaser rifles, ready to intervene if necessary. She hoped it won't be. She tried to keep her promise to Sayori that they'll be 'flies on the wall', but she felt the safety of the ship and the crew were more important than keeping low while standing around.

Sayori had watched in awe as the Entity boosted their speed, but kept her attention on the status monitors. Things held together, and when the ship slowed, she immediately went to the core with a tricorder for a diagnostic scan. They couldn't open the chamber, not while they were still at warp (albeit normal warp), but she could still check on what was happening and determine if any action was necessary.

She tapped her commbadge. "Engineering to bridge. We are now stable at Warp Eight. Aside from a few power relays, no damage, though when we stop I'll want to take the core offline to look at it more thoroughly. The Entity...I believe it's dead, Commander. I'm detecting residue inside the chamber but that's it."

+Understood, Lieutenant. Keep me informed. I think this was expected. came Alyse's voice over the comms.

“Understood, Engineering out.” The channel closed, Sayori took a deep breath and then sighed. “You were very mean to us, Entity, but you gave your life trying to save the Captain. I wish you hadn’t died.” She gently touched the warp core, the closest she could get to consoling the dead lifeform.

She looked to her friend the security chief, giving her smile and nod. "I'm always glad to see you around, Jeannie, but I'm even happier when you're unnecessary."


The sudden jump in speed and the equally sudden drop in speed caused many reports of minor injuries to start flooding in. The medical crew had their work cut out for them, though thankfully the only urgent case they had remained the Captain.

Minor issues started pouring into the room. Charlie looked at Ari for just a moment before calling out for Ensign Linh.

"Doctor Linh, here", Charlie exclaimed as he tossed his tricorder gracefully yet gently at the woman, "You dont leave the captain's side for anything. I don't care of a Borg drone beams in, assimilates me where I stand followed by a Breen soldier beaming in and shooting me with one of their nasty ice cannons and then a Romulan beams in and injects me with something. She is your world and your only responsibility from this moment on."

It took every thing in Tylor to leave Ari but he was the CMO of the ship. He had to be the one who looked over 'every' new patient after an incident like just happened. He could not simply focus on a woman who may or may not be more than his captain.

Catching the tricorder, Linh figured this was coming. "I've got her, Doctor. You do what you need to do. Trust me, we can do this."

Charlie nodded before moving to the first patient. He grabbed a free tricorder and began to review the data on the device while looking at the man. Charlie smiled at the man warmly while grabbing a near by hypospray. He quickly injected the man as he spoke, "Your going to be just fine. You suffered a minor contusion of your left leg. This will resolve the pain while I repair the injury with a dermal regenerator."

Charlie grabbed the dermal regenerator and ran it over the mans leg. Charlie then scanned the leg again and smiled once more, "There you go, good as new. Next time try to be sitting down when we make random unplanned jumps to grater than warp velocities." Charlies soft yet light hearted tone was a well trained bed side manner that had been developed over time. Charlie then moved to the next patient.


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